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Fauna & Flora




The city of Antsiranana‚ also known as Diego-Suarez‚ is located on a promontory above a beautiful bay. Diego-Suarez is the original name inspected. At the beginning of the 16th century‚ a Portuguese squadron of thirteen ships met us in the Indian Ocean‚ and one of them drifted. Its captain‚ Diego Diaz discovered the great island by chance on August 10‚ 1500 and named it "Saint Laurent". In February 1506‚ Admiral Fernando Suarez recognized the configuration of the land‚ so the city acquired the first name of the captain and the admiral "Diego-Suarez".


Studies reveal the existence of 60 species of reptiles and amphibians‚ 96 species of birds‚ 50 species of molluscs‚ 14 species of bats‚ half of which live in Ankarana caves and 11 species of lemurs. About the flora‚ 330 species of plants are known in Ankarana. Several endemic species of the northern end can be seen in Ankarana: Pachypodium‚ baronia‚ Andansonia perrieri‚ Delonyx velutina‚ Hildegardia erythosyphon.


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