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The door of the great south of Reunion




Department overseas French‚ Reunion is an island located in the South West Indian Ocean‚ the Mascarene archipelago about 700 kilometers in the east of Madagascar.

From the south of the island‚ Pierrefonds is the way to discover the great south of Réunion‚ a very rich region of plant and animal species unique to the world‚ with also very specific cultures and religions.


A true gift of nature‚ the island gathers in itself a sunny tropical climate‚ unique scenery and a colorful character and the welcoming that allow many outdoor activities.

From East to West and from North to South‚ it offers a range of natural‚ cultural and economic‚ making it a popular destination to name the Colorado Park in the the north‚ the Piton de la Fournaise in the South‚ the Hanging Bridge in the East and the Port of St Gilles in the West.


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