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The Avenue of Baobabs




The region of Morondava is referred to as Menabe (very red) because of the late site sediments carried along by the Mangoky and Manambolo rivers. 
In the 16th century‚ one of the two most important Sakalava kingdoms settled here‚ and it reached its pinnacle a century later. 


The Avenue of Baobabs
The baobab trees are specific to the area and Madagascar hosts six species out of the eight existing worldwide. Spectacular « baobabs in love »‚ they are two interlaced trees. Giant‚ sacred baobab has become a place of worship.

Tsingy of Bemaraha
The Tsingy of Bemaraha‚ a UNESCO World Heritage site‚ is one of the most spectacular sceneries of Madagascar with its limestone forests sculpted into blades and sharp peaks.


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