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The Fauna




is an exceptional destination for the most beautiful emotions of your vacations. Toliary is situated beyond the tropic of Capricorn‚ which erratically sets the boundaries of the inter-tropical zone in the south-west part of Madagascar‚ in the Atsimo-Andrefana region. The sun‚ the warm welcome of the people‚ the white sand beaches‚ the fauna and the flora peculiar to this region will give you‚ no doubt‚ an unforgettable souvenir‚ a unique experience of life time. 


The fauna 
Constitutes also one of the reasons which attract visitors to the Toliary region (tourists‚ researchers‚ students‚ residents…). This region shelters some species of turtles that are highly threatened by extinction: Geocheloneradiata‚ Pixies arachnoids; nocturnal lemurians: Microcebus murinus; reptiles: Boa madagascariensis‚ several species of birds: Verreaux’s coua‚ Nectarine souimanga...


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